Planning to Move? Check out These Tips to Help You save Time and Money!

Utility connection

Moving can be a long and stressful process, especially if you plan on doing the bulk of the work yourself, without the help of a professional moving company. In such cases, there are some important measures to be taken to help you transition smoothly and more affordable. Here are three tips to help your save time and money during your move:

1) Preparing adequately for your big move is possibly the most critical step to take. A moving house checklist is a perfect way to plan accordingly. Creating a packing checklist before moving will help you to easily work your way through the packing process in an organized fashion, without forgetting important belongings. A checklist can also help you to pack your moving vehicle accordingly, so that you can maximize the space that is being used.

2) One of the worst experiences that can happen during a move is losing personal items due to damage experienced while moving. What’s even worse is paying to have these valuable items replaced. While preparing your move, make sure you pack all fragile items such as glasses and dishes in clothing, bubble wrap, or newspaper. Doing so will prevent them from becoming damaged during the move. Additionally, covering all your cosmetic and bathing products in plastic wrap or plastic bags will ensure that they don’t leak while you are moving to your new destination.

3) Use a utility connection
company ensure the connection electricity, heating and other utility connections for your new home. A utility connection company will allow you to locate and connect utilities to the proper utility company at your new destination. Not only can these companies help you start new service, but you can also transfer or disconnect already existing services in order to save money, as well as have a seamless transition into your new home.

When moving into your own home, you can also take a few easy steps around the house to save money on electricity bills. For example, washing your laundry with cold water uses less energy, saves a ton on utility bills, and will also work just as well as washing your clothes with hot water. In addition, planting trees around your new home will provide shade from the hot sun, and in many cases reduce your cooling bills by up to 10% – 15%.

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