What Free Website Grader Tools Can Say About Your Site

Website grader review

Websites are really the polished end result of many different moving parts. Adequate coding makes the site function properly, professional web design makes it eye-catching and bloggers produce the content that eventually gets published front and center. When you are the one making sure all the parts come together, it might be easy for certain errors to slip right past your watchful eye. This is where a website grader review can help. Here are four things you can learn by using a free website grader tool to survey your site:

1. How do users view your typography?

You might think it is all about visuals these days, especially large, colorful photos and infographics, but typography is actually essential to the success of a site. Though you have almost endless options for font and text appearance, users still appreciate what is simple and easy to read. Choosing a font because it looks unusual is a bold move that might end up backfiring because of the particular reading habits users have established for themselves online. A free website grader can tell you if you have made the right choice stylistically.

2. Are you mobile-friendly?

By 2014, mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake traditional desktop browsing for the first time in history. Utilizing a free website grader tool is a great way to prepare yourself for this because the tools can tell you exactly what you need to focus on in order to become more widely accessible on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. After all, you do not want to be left behind.

3. How are users finding you?

When you go mobile, make sure you remember that location is everything. In fact, click-through rates can increase up to 200 percent when mobile ads and search results include the mention of a location. Getting evaluated by a free website grader tool can help you refocus your efforts on location marketing, getting your ads out there in the right places for maximum exposure and business opportunities.

4. What is your page load time?

Web users have short attention spans, and long page load times will drive them away before you even get a chance to show them what you offer. This is becoming such an important concern as mobile technology grows, and studies show that the top 77 percent of companies across multiple verticals have page load times of more than five seconds. You need the best free website grader tools in order to let you know how to maximize your site in all aspects, not just appearances.

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