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Finding a reliable Philadelphia electrician can be a tricky proposition. If you find yourself needing some electrical work done around the house, though, you will want to make sure you hire a professional. Electricity (as you may be aware) can be extremely dangerous. Just one lightning bolt has enough electricity to service 200,000 homes, and electrocution is one of the top five causes of workplace deaths. So when you’re looking at hiring an electrician, you will want to search for only the best. Here are some tips on how to find a good electrician to make sure your repairs or installations go off without a hitch.

Many of the electrical appliances in our homes aren’t really all that efficient. Many of Mother nature’s creations are much more efficient at producing light than we are. For example, fireflies produce their light using chemical energy generated from the food they eat, and only 1/15th of this energy is lost to heat, whereas 95 percent of the energy used by a light bulb is lost to heat. So it’s no wonder that many of us find the need to figure out how to hire an electrician.

The first thing you should do when hiring an electrician is to pre-plan as much as possible. Write down exactly what work you think needs to be done. Be as detailed as possible and include areas of the house, materials, equipment, etc. Your pre-planning will be invaluable later when you have to ask your electrician for an estimate.

The first lighthouse and bridge to use electricity was the Statue of Liberty in 1886 and the Brooklyn Bridge, respectively. And the first use of water to generate electricity was in the United States as well, just a few years earlier in 1882 on the Fox River. Enough electricity was produced to power light for two paper mills and one house. While it might not seem like a lot, you can bet the electricians used were heavily vetted before they got to work. And you should take the Philadelphia electrician you choose for your electrical work just as seriously.

Get reviews for your electrician from as many people as possible. Friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors are all great to ask for Philadelphia electrician referrals. Your local building inspector, building supply store, and better business bureau can all be great additional resources for finding good electrician contractors. Compile a list of the names you receive and choose the ones that get the most recommendations.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few choice Philadelphia electricians, start the interview process. Call up each one you’re interested in and ask them to come take a look at the work you think needs to be done. This is where your pre-planning will be put to use. Hand your Philadelphia electrician your list and ask him what an estimate would be for the work. If they seem like the best electrician for your needs, start drawing up a contract. Make sure your contract includes all the aspects of the work clearly spelled out. The goal of the contract is to protect you and the contractor from any misunderstandings.
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