You Won’t Believe Some of These Insurance Claims!

Updated 4/20/2021

The benefits of a commercial insurance company come in handy. It, however, takes prior research on various companies. In today’s world, the development of an insurance quote comparison website will enable you to get insurance rates online.

For companies not available on the insurance quote comparison website, ask for insurance protection quotes from the companies near you. Insurance terms definitions dictate how the insurance package covers you.

The workplace is a unique environment. Employees are at risk of getting accidents or injuries during work. This may end up costing you more as a business owner. To avoid high costs in lawsuits in the case of an accident, cover your staff. For most businesses, it is advisable to get both life and auto insurance.

When choosing an insurance company, consider getting one with a wide range of insurance covers. For instance, it is convenient to work with an insurance provider who offers auto and life insurance. Such a company will help you save money by bundling your insurance package at a discounted price.

Consider better deals by researching the best commercial insurance company near you. The internet has a wide range of details and information on insurance protection quotes that suit your business.

Having a wide range of insurance policies is a must for anyone these days. When you need to buy an insurance policy for your car, you need an auto insurance agency to help you and let you know how much coverage you have to have by law. There are many companies that sell both auto and life insurance, and this can be a good way to get your insurance in a more convenient manner. Going to auto home and life insurance companies may also help you to save money when they allow you to bundle your insurance policies for a discounted price.

If you are looking for auto home life health insurance, you can find insurance companies that offer all of these at the same place. If you aren’t sure which insurance company to go to, you can get auto homeowners insurance quotes from sites that aggregate them and make them all available for cost comparison. If you shop around, you can almost always save some money on various insurance policy types. When you decide on a company to buy your insurance from, be sure to ask some advice on what to buy and how much insurance you will need.

Bizarre things happen to people. That’s life. But what if as a result your vehicle was wrecked, or your phone was irreparably damaged? Well, do you then own up to the dumb thing you were doing to your insurance company or do you make up a lie to save face? Many people would choose the latter, but there are more than you might think who stick with honesty as their best policy and wind up with some funny insurance claims!

Jasper Carrott, a British comedian, has includes in his set list a number of funny insurance jokes since the seventies. According to Snopes, a website that specializes in checking the validity of rumors and stories, says that Carrott claims to have compiled the list of funny insurance quotes from a number of accident reports received from a large insurance company in London. He jokes, “the accident was caused by me, waving to the man I hit last week.” “To avoid collision, I ran into the other car.” “I bumped into the lamp post, which was obscured by human beings.”

Some times, people also report false insurance claims, and don’t even try to hide it. Gerlinda Grimes, a writer for HowStuffWorks, reports some funny insurance claims, writing that one con artist during the 1990s claimed hail caused heavy and extensive damage to the hood of his car. The adjuster turned his suspicious claim down because each of the dents was perfectly round and symmetrical, obviously having been caused by a ball peen hammer. Rather than dropping the claim, however, the man filed a police report saying that an unknown assailant had attacked his car, refiled the claim, and since the company couldn’t prove he’d been the one to maim his car, had to pay him!

Gizmodo, a leading tech blog of Gawker Media, reports that an English, mobile phone insurance company put a list of the best, funny insurance stories on their site, for their clients’ amusement. One would think that you’d just say it was stolen at work or something, but instead they reported some funny insurance claims. For example, one woman claims a seagull stole her cell phone from her hand. A farmer in Devon used his phone as a flashlight while calving, and it disappeared up the backside of a cow. One woman in her late twenties even reported that the vibration function of her black berry stopped working when she used as an adult toy!

These funny insurance claims are enough to make anybody feel secure and fortunate about their own belongings. What are some funny insurance claims that you’ve heard about? Have your friends ever had any funny insurance claims? If you have any funny insurance claims, share in the comments!

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About car insurance coverage

In all the 50 states, the law requires you to have the following car insurance coverage:

  • property damage liability coverage
  • bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • bodily injury liability coverage per person

In addition to the above mandatory auto insurance coverage, you may also have optional coverage, including uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal injury protection coverage.

Accurate Insurance Company

Hundreds of insurance companies exist in all 50 States, including Alabama. How may you know if you’re dealing with a genuine insurance broker or agent? Factors such as availability in your state, financial strength, and claims satisfaction are some of the issues about insurance firms or brokers you need to consider. If most insurance clients are satisfied with its claims process, it could be a good company or broker, for instance.

Affordable Quotes

How do you get an affordable quote from a potential insurer? It’s wiser to get three to six insurance quotes to have a wide choice and see which one is within your budget. Another important thing is that you need to provide all the necessary information to get an accurate insurance payment or quote. But remember that a quote is only an estimate of how much you’ll pay for car insurance.

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