Walk in STD Testing at Urgent Cares

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Urgent care facilities are available all over the nation, giving patients that need immediate care exactly what they need. 24 hr urgent care facilities are growing because of the increasing caseload of primary care physicians, which has been leading to patients having difficulty scheduling appointments, even longer wait time in waiting rooms, and less time being spent with each patient due to how busy doctors offices are getting now.

Family health care facilities tend to concentrate on the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of conditions, but are not starting to offer other services, such as xrays and routine physicals and std testing for men. Many men are ashamed and embarrassed to go to their primary care physician for std testing for men, and tend to go to the urgent care near them. Urgent care std testing for men vary depending on the site, not all offer std testing.

Aside from testing, urgent cares deal with illnesses and broken bones as well. Since 5 to twenty percent of Americans get the flu every year, urgent cares stay busy with handling flu cases. They also commonly see wrist fractures in those under the age of 75, and hip fractures for those who are over 75. Emergency rooms are now getting around 110 million visits annually. Among these visits are those who are visiting for the flu, broken bones, xrays and std testing for men and women. It is nice to know that there is a walk in doctor available when we may need it the most! Read more about this topic at this link: doctorsexpresscherrycreek.com

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