The Vending Machine Industry

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Vending machines are the quickest way of grabbing something to eat or drink, and you can find them just about anywhere. Whether you are in a primary school, on a college campus, at the office at work or at a convenient store, it is likely that you will see a vending machine somewhere on location.

Standard items that are sold from a vending machine consists of bagged snacks like chips, pretzels and mini cookies, various candies, drinks like soda and water, and depending on the vending machine service, cigarettes. Vending machines at work and at school tend to be quite popular. For those that may have forgotten to pack a lunch or need a quick pick me up snack, food vending machines are able to provide a cheap and quick solution. The issue with vending machine supplies being unhealthy has been a debate at schools for quite some time now. School districts have been changing their policies on what can be sold to students from the vending machines, attempting to take out the unhealthier, sugary foods and drinks and replacing them with healthier options.

For businesses and schools to buy a vending machine or even a few is a great investment. They are not expensive to invest in and can bring in a large profit. Each year, over 5 billion snacks and sodas are purchased from vending machines. Annually, sales from vending machines are estimated to be somewhere between 19 to 29 billion dollars. With most items being priced below two dollars, that is a lot of snacks and sodas being purchased to have such a profit.

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