Helping Longshore Workers Receive the Compensation They Deserve

Longshore act

The Longshore Compensation Act supplies over 747 million dollars in monetary, medical and vocational rehabilitative benefits. If you or anyone you know has been injured abroad, working for an American interest in the dangerous field of a defense base, oil drilling, or civic rebuilding, there is compensation awaiting you.

A defense base act lawyer will be able to help you along the complex, paper dense process of receiving the aid you deserve in the form of longshore harbor workers compensation. Before you take another step toward this goal, however, you need to make sure that you have properly completed every action you are legally obligated to up until this point.

Any defense base act lawyer will tell you that there are surefire ways to lose your maritime claims. One of the most important components to receiving longshore harbor workers compensation is that you notified your supervisor of your initial injury immediately after it happened. If you did not, your defense base act lawyer will not be able to help you take advantage of the benefits inherent in the longshore act.

The longshore workers compensation program maintains over 2.8 billion dollars in reserve securities. This is upheld in order to ensure the continual provision of benefits for workers who have been injured in cases of employer insolvency. So long as you have been within the requirements of the act, your defense base act lawyer should have no problems retrieving the benefits that you deserve.

The OWCP found the national average weekly wage to be 647 dollars and 60 cents for the fiscal year of 2011. At the very least, you can count on your defense base act lawyer to aid you in earning that much until your medical issues are taken care of and you are back on your feet. Currently, however, the maximum wage replacement rate of longshore harbor workers compensation is set at 1,295 dollars each week.

Under the LHWCA, there is a three day waiting period before longshore harbor workers compensation is due. What this means is, so long as you have a competent defense base act lawyer and you acted in accordance with the law, you will not have very long to wait before you begin seeing payments being made to you.

Injuries which result in death are treated specially by the defense base act. Longshore harbor workers compensation given out in such cases will cover the cost of the funeral, up to 3,000 dollars. Surviving family members will also receive benefits based on the AWW of the deceased worker.

Longshore harbor workers compensation is a claimant friendly. This is because attorneys fees are frequently treated in the favor of the worker. A good portion of the lawyer fees may, in fact, be covered by longshore harbor workers compensation.

Both the law and your defense base act lawyer understand how much of a risk you took for our country. If you were hurt in the process, everyone will do what they can within their power to make sure you are taken care of. You deserve it.

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