Urgent Care Seattle WA are Great For Non Emergencies

Seattle walk in clinic

Urgent care centers are a great alternative to a regular hospital visit, especially if you have children. Because the average child will catch between six and 10 colds per year, having access to urgent care Seattle WA can often help put your mind at ease.

According to a study by the Center for Disease Control, approximately 48 percent of adults who sought care at an emergency room said they were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. However, they made an ER visit because their regular physicians office was closed. Seattle urgent care provides care in these types of situations.

An estimated three million people visit an urgent care center such as urgent care Seattle WA or Kirkland urgent care, each week in the United States. From that number, you can see how important urgent care Seattle WA centers have become.

There is a financial aspect to centers such as Urgent Care Seattle WA and urgent care everett wa. A typical visit to the emergency room costs an average of $1,500. Alternatively, treatment at an urgent care center, such as urgent care Seattle WA facilities, costs an average of less than $150.Urgent care centers are a booming business as they account for approximately $14 billion in annual revenue in the U.S.

Urgent care Seattle WA centers can provide a sense of security to patients, and those will small children. Having easy access to a medical center for cases that may not require emergency room services is a great alternative. The cost savings are enormous as well. Why pay thousands of dollars when your child has the sniffles, and you just want to make sure that it is not any thing more serious than a cold?

Adults can benefit from urgent care seattle wa services as well. You know that twisted ankle you got playing baseball with the kids does not really need a full ER visit. You just want to make sure it is not broken. You get it taped up at the Seattle walk in clinic and you are good to go!

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