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The history of pottery is interesting as it dates back to prehistoric times, even before the cultures that used literature as a part of their culture. The archaeologists have found evidences of the invention of the potter’s wheel dating back between 6,000 and 4,000 BCE. The invention changed how they made pottery. Once the potter’s wheel became available, the entire process of making pottery became much easier and a whole lot less time consuming. Some things are still the same though. For instance, they make ceramic out of an inorganic material that is prepared by a series of heating and cooling the material until it forms a fine ceramic object. Potters today still put their hands on the clay as they turn the wheel to shape and form the objects they have pictured in their minds. They use an aqueous suspension of water and clay to join parts of handmade pottery vessels, such as a water picture with a handle, or a tea pot with a spout, and so on.

Pottery comes classified in three different categories, which are the rough textured earthenware, the somewhat smoother stoneware and fine porcelain. Each type of pottery is possible with the aid of pottery equipment and the hands and artistic skill of the potter. Professional potters and people that are trying their hand at making pottery for a hobby can purchase pottery supplies and pottery tools that they need online. Some pottery equipment to look for are pottery wheels for sale, kilns for sale, various kinds of pottery tools and more.

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