Dental Consulting For Practice Efficiency and Profit

Dental practice growth

The first dental school in the world opened in Ohio in February 1828 and has since become a museum. It was created by Dr. John M. Harris to teach dentistry, the specialization that diagnoses, treats and prevents disease and conditions of any oral cavity.

Just as Dr. Harris envisioned, as a dentist, or dental surgeon, you have gone through extensive education and training, but the focus is traditionally centered on oral health and patient care. Dental practice consultants are able to teach, solve practice problems and to introduce new materials and methods to your dental office.

Dental consulting works to improve the efficiency of dental offices in terms of accounting, marketing, insurance billing and related activities. Nationally, dentists have an average annual salary of approximately 150,000. Using dental consultants it may be possible to see dental practice growth through better business practices and more efficient processes.

Practices typically use dental consulting primarily to find opportunities for increased practice revenue. One way in which dental consulting can help increase revenues is through targeted marketing. Dental consulting experts can help evaluate their current means of prospecting to increase conversions to clients. For example, they may be able to provide internet marketing consulting and direct mail guidance that results in positive ROI. Historically, dentists are preoccupied with patient care and may not have efficient marketing systems in place.

In terms of additional areas for dental consulting to increase practice revenue, they may be able to institute better insurance billing and management processes that result in increased insurance reimbursements and decreases in billing cycles. Even if the insurance payments stay the same, when dental consulting experts can expedite the process they are providing better cash flow to the dental practice.

Finally, dental consulting can look at all the office management and HR related functions in a dental practice. They may have expertise in benefits administration and staffing efficiency that can streamline practice accounting and reduce front office turnover. Customer service coaching and scripting can also be addressed. Just by providing all of the staff with appropriate training, dental consulting experts may be able to increase patient referrals without additional marketing efforts.

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  1. This can be instrumental in expanding your practice to a new location, I have been able to systematize and run a tight ship with a little coaching.

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