So You’re Make A Rochester NY Move?

Moving to rochester

The boss called. The promotion came through. Only one slight problem: it involves a move to Rochester. Feverishly you rush to the computer, and as nervous fingers hover over the keys, the words Rochester NY move are typed in. Moving ranks atop the list of most stressful life events alongside death of a loved one, and divorce. In order to make the move the least trying experience, or better yet, a pleasant one, plans and preparations must be in place.

Adequately researching your Rochester NY move is key, as it will allow you to make informed decisions based on what is most important to you and your family. If possible, it is typically recommended that you allow for two months of planning and preparation prior to the official moving date. The first and foremost question to be answered is “Where.” Downsizing and purging of personal items, oversized furniture, and the like may be necessary if the move to Rochester NY is going to land you and your family in smaller living quarters. Also, the need to move appliances such as a refrigerator, washer or dryer may be eliminated if the home chosen already has these necessary items.

Finding a compaNY for your Rochester NY move is the next step on the laundry list, but is probably the most important and difficult. Entrusting others with your life’s acquirements, and personal items such as photographs, is not an easy thing.

Thoroughly research the options available, and narrow down your search to a few select companies for your Rochester NY move. Once you’ve selected a moving compaNY, verify they carry adequate insurance so should the unfortunate occur, such as accidental damage to aNY one of your items, it can be replaced or restored. Verifying their track record with the Better Business Bureau provides added peace of mind.

Finally, get a written estimate for moving to rochester NY so dates, locations, and costs are all clearly spelled out for both parties, eliminating the potential for unwanted “surprises” on moving day.

Now start packing! Proper packing with old newspapers and shipping popcorn is recommended for fragile items for you Rochester NY move, as well as clearly marking the box “Fragile, Handle with Care.” Also providing room locations on the exterior of the boxes will help the movers land your items in the right location, saving you and your family time once you make your Rochester move, and arrive at your new home.

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