Without A Proper Food Handling Course, Your Business Could Be Lost

Restaurant food safety

When you run a business where you are constantly handling food, the last thing that you want to do is put your customers at risk to bacteria like Salmonella. This deadly bacterium is estimated to cost $2.65 billion annually based on the illness that it causes and the only way to stop it is by making your employees take food handling courses. When your employees all take food handling courses, they will learn about Salmonella and other deadly bacteria such as E. coli which can show up between two and five days after eating contaminated food product and can produce deadly toxins that cause about 73,000 cases of food related illness annually just in the United States.

With the right food and hygiene courses, your employees will learn all of the threats that surround them in the kitchen as well as the threats they could unconsciously be bringing in with them to work. The US Department of Agriculture has found through estimating that consumers will spend nearly half of every food dollar consuming food that has been commercially prepared. Since your business falls into that category, you have a responsibility to your customers to make your employees take food handling courses so that they are providing safe consumables for them to eat or drink.

From a food handling course, one of the things your employees will learn is most important is washing their hands. This is because only twenty or more seconds with warm water and soap before handling food as well as after handling food or using the restroom can keep everything in your establishment cleaner and safer. Paying this kind of attention to food and sanitation practices will make your business safer for everyone.

The idea of forcing your employees to take food safety courses can also help to protect the integrity of your business. This is because if you did not have your employees obtain food safety certifications and a problem erupted because of it, your business could be sued or even shut down by the health inspector. The sanctity of your business relies on your ability to run it safely.

In the end, you will see that taking the extra time to help your employees learn food safety will make them better. In fact, they are likely to become more efficient at what they do. This will only reflect well on your business and the food that it provides to its customers.
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