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Are you interested in reading more Rochester blog? There are many blogs rochester has to offer, ranging from food to education to local politics. My personal favorite blog Rochester offers centers around the Rochester subway system. This blog covers a transit system that is little known today, but was well used in its time. It also provides a window to a time when America was far more transit dependent than it is today.

The Rochester blog concerning the subway system profiles an interesting history. This Rochester blog memorializes a subway system, technically a light rail system, ran through some downtown tunnels and an abandoned canal bed. Running from 1927 to 1956, this Rochester blog notes that Rochester was the smallest city in the world with a rail system until Lausanne opened its own. The Rochester blog keeps the subway alive, selling old subway tokens, T shirts, and an expansion map of future plans for the subway.

Of course, there are many other Rochester blogs. I personally like the ones on history, though. When you read Rochester blogs about history, you get a window into a Rochester that existed beforehand, and what could have been. For more, read this link.

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