Why Self Storage is Part of the American Character

Self storage

What is it that Americans love about self storage? A much smaller industry in much of the developed world, self storage facilities have mushroomed everywhere across the U.S. Their popularity can be explained not just by the prosperity of most Americans, but also by their mobility.

That Americans are a prosperous people is not in doubt. The U.S. is ranked as the largest economy on both a nominal and purchasing power basis, and GDP per capita is usually in the top ten of countries. Despite some uneven distribution, many American households do have wealth. Combined with inexpensive inputs relative to other nations, they generally have more stuff, and thus more need for self storage.

Another reason for self storage is mobility. Businesses come and go at an increasing rate in the U.S. At the same time, Americans are famous for moving where ever has the greatest opportunity. They realize they have options, and they know self storage can help them. There are even portable self storage pods that allow them to move goods and then store them elsewhere.

Self storage is an American oddity. Dig deeper into our culture, though, and one can see why Americans love self storage. Using these options, many Americans are liberated from their possessions, and become highly mobile. Read more blogs like this: www.1800packrat.com

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