Three steps in learning how to live in the present

Many of us fail to appreciate the moment. Many of us in fact forget to live in the present until we suddenly realize that with so many things that have happened, good and bad, we were not really there to appreciate the moment or even learn from them. Either we are looking ahead in the future or cannot take our eyes off our pasts. In any case, regret will not do us any good. We are still here so there is still enough chance for us to live in the present. To help you get started, here are great life tips which are actually three steps on how to live in the present.

The first step in being able to live in the present is to appreciate that the fact that we are in the present. The past is gone so there is no point in spending our time and effort focusing our emotions and mind on them. We can hope that we have learned from them but if not, there is nothing we can really do about it. As for the future, there is no point in waiting for something that is bound to happen anyway. Moreover, the way we live in the present will basically tell what our future will be. If we do not live in the present, who is to say that we will live in the future? Why? Because today is the future of yesterday. We may have wonderful future, but we will miss them because we do not know how to live in the present as the future will eventually become present.

Second, once you appreciate the fact that we live in the present, you should now start reading online tips and online information about living in the present. There are also books that you might want to read. All these can help you break away from your old habit so that everyday you will live in the present. The resources are there to help you, do not hesitate to use them.

Third, we cannot really say that we live in the present if we do nothing. Living in the present means doing something. For example, we can start writing a blog using the present tense. You will see that all your blogging ideas are more focused on the present. More importantly, eventually you will notice that by living in the present, you are sharing yourself to others who are not so different from you. For example, again using our own blog, you can actually take advantage of the moment or what the present has to offer. As you write your own blog, you are connecting with others and at the same time you are sharing yourself. The moment therefore has more value without you realizing it. You can do this in different ways, not just in blogs. You can, for example, do certain activities with your family, everyday or every week.

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