Point of Use Water Coolers Make the Perfect Office Addition

Bottle free water cooler

Point of use water coolers are a common way for open environments, like office break rooms or doctors offices, to have a convenient and clean way to deliver the most important element on the planet. Considering that the average person uses anywhere between 80 and 100 gallons of water a day, it is important to have a safe and convenient way to serve a large number of people without the traditional water faucet or water tap. In order to offer a quality source of clean water without having the hassle that comes with water bottles, consider a point of use water system. To learn more about installing bottleless water coolers, start by exploring the various options when it comes to filtered water coolers.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to point of use water coolers. Considering that most bottled water producers of personal and industrial use start with municipal water that gets filtered and bottled. In 2009, nearly half of all bottled water sold came from a municipal tap water supply. Point of use water coolers use a ‘Reverse Osmosis’ Water purification system that can remove up to 90 percent of the minerals found in tap and naturally occurring water. Unless you want to take the time to recycle every water bottle, point of use water coolers are the best way to serve clean, crisp, and cold water to all that need it.

86 percent of the plastic water bottles in the US find their way to the garbage. That is evidence that point of use water coolers can pay for themselves from the low maintenance and more time spent on work or other activities without having to deal with the time it takes to recycle. There are a few alternatives to bottled water but the most efficient, most pure, and the most logical choice is using point of use water coolers as the water delivery system wherever you need it.

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