A Good Webgrader Can Improve SEO Benchmarking

Are you implementing an SEO strategy? Do you need good SEO benchmarking to assess your progress? If so, it is important to use a good webgrader for the job. Not only can a good webgrader give you feedback on your current strategy, but it can also outline suggestions on way you can move your strategy forward.

Before you do look for a good webgrader, you need to understand the importance of SEO benchmarking. SEO benchmarking is a way to test your strategy. You probably have a list of keywords you think your customers associate with your product or service. When you grade your own website, you see if those assumptions fit with reality. You want to see not just how many people are searching for each keyword, but also where they visit on the site, from what geographic location their IP address is in, and other relevant factors.

A good webgrader also measures inbound links and cocitations. Inbound links are those websites that are linking to your own. According to search engines, the more inbound links a site has from other trustworthy sites, the more likely it is to be worth reading. This can be circumvented, so Google has recently included cocitations, or the number of websites simultaneously linking to the same page.

So how do you find a webgrader? There are several good website graders online. Most companies that offer them include them as a software package, although a few offer website graders as an online service. All are easy to understand and come with detailed instructions.

After you have developed good Seo benchmarking, you need to test your benchmarking skills. That is where a webgrader comes in. Using a good webgrader can give you great feedback about how your SEO strategy is doing, and also what you need to do to improve your SEO. Thought of another way, a good webgrader can help you increase sales.

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