Bolting Tools

Torque wrench calibration

Bolting tools have a variety of different uses. For example, they are used in are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, mining and construction, power plants, shipyards, and locomotives. If you’re looking for a bolt tensioner it is important to note that their are several different kinds of tensioners, including variable, fixed, subsea, wind turbine, and pump coupling tensioners. Electric torque wrenches, specifically, are used in situations where accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt, or where a stubborn nut needs to be removed. Torque bleeding, which can be a problem, often results from improper torque requirements upon fastening. It is essential to accurately torque.

A bolt tensioner, or any equipment that is used to tighten high tensile bolt connections (for example, torque wrench or hydraulic tensioning devices), needs to be calibrated in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to note that mechanical tools always have to be broken in prior to calibration, especially in the case of hydraulic torque wrenches. In the case of a hydraulic torque wrench, both mechanical and hydraulic systems work together. This is also true of hydraulic spreaders and hydraulic pumps. Find more on this topic here:

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