Watch Your Step! Its A 3D Street Painting

Over the last few years, a new trend in street art has been popping up in big cities around the world, including Las Vegas, New York and London. In your daily browsing of the internet for news and leisure, you may have even seen photos of these new trends, known as 3D street painting. 3D street painting involves the use of various mediums including paints and chalk to create visually stunning works of art, which appear as if you could literally fall into them. If you have not yet gotten the opportunity to check out 3D street painting in person, you can go online to check out photos of this amazing style of art.

3D street painting is practiced by artists worldwide, and each painting reflects a bit of the artists’ personal style and talent. As such, 3D street painting scenes usually vary. You may find paintings that look as if a large crater has opened up in the middle of the street, with rivers of rock and molten lava flowing underneath. Other street paintings may include depictions of water, such as a simulated cliff with a waterfall flowing over the edge. Some artists choose to depict other items and objects, such as cars or cartoon characters seeming to emerge from otherwise unnoticeable concrete and pavement.3D street painting is usually created carefully, using specific angles and a great amount of detail. As such, these images can appear extremely realistic until you can get up close and examine it for yourself. In fact, much 3D street painting involves interaction with its audience to achieve the full desired effect. For example, some artists choose to create seemingly large caverns that stretch over a section of the street, with a drawn wooden beam or post rising from the middle. The artist will then snap a photograph of a passerby standing on the beam or post to make the image even more realistic.

If you are interested in checking out 3D street painting, you can conduct a quick internet search to find interesting websites. Many artists choose to showcase their 3D street art at their personal websites, but you can also find a compiling of some of the most fascinating 3D art seen around the world. Some artists also create 3D designs on interior floors, such as polished office floors for a different effect. It can be interesting to compare the two styles.

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