Hands Going Numb?

When you experience your hands going numb it can be upsetting. Hands going numb may be a symptom of something serious or it may just be a simple case of pinching off a nerve by the way you are sitting or the position your arm is in for a long period of time. A lot of people have experienced their hands going numb. Hands going numb if often described as a feeling of pins and needles in the hands and fingers.

Sometimes an obstruction of the nerves or blood vessels in the arms can cause a person to experience their hands going numb. Hands going numb, with the added symptoms of tingling fingers, may signal that the person has a hand or wrist problem or it may be a symptom of a disease. Some people can get help for this by going to a chiropractor. A simple neck and back adjustment can relieve the symptom of hands going numb if there is a pinched nerve. If you go to a chiropractor they will check out the muscles and bones in your hands too to see if they are moving properly. If a chiropractor cannot accurately diagnose and relieve your symptoms of hands going numb, go see a medical doctor for further diagnosis.

If your hands are going numb you should go to a medical doctor anyway for a medical evaluation of the problem. Going to the doctor will give you the best diagnosis for why you are experiencing your hands going numb and they may even suggest physical therapy. However, some doctors will not be able to diagnose the problem so be prepared to get a second opinion. Again, going to a chiropractor may give you the relief you seek for hands going numb.

Some people will experience hands going numb while sleeping. Expectant mothers can also have a feeling of numbness and tingling in the hands. Some people may also experience sharp pains when their hands are going numb. Be sure you get checked out for lyme disease, carpal tunnel and spinal cord injury if you are having these symptoms. Some people have this symptom with Type 2 diabetes as well.

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