Can Social Security Lawyers Help Claimants Achieve a More Favorable Onset Date?

Q: Should claimants who are awarded disability insurance but disagree with the onset date seek assistance from social security lawyers?

A: Yes, it is extremely helpful for claimants pursuing a more favorable onset date to have representation from social security lawyers. When claimants apply for social security disability benefits, they provide an onset date. The onset date is when the condition or injury began. It is called an alleged date of onset at that point, since it is the date the applicant has alleged the condition or injury began. The Social Security Administration awards an established onset date (EOD) for those claims awarded benefits. The alleged date and EOD may differ. Claimants who disagree with the EOD should pursue obtaining the effective date to which they believe they are entitled. And social security lawyers can be invaluable to claimants in pursuit of that. They will assure that the necessary supporting evidence to demonstrate the correct onset date is gathered and submitted. Social security lawyers have expertise and experience dealing with the review process and know what is needed to reach a fair judgment on claims.

Q: Why is the established onset date important?

A: The established onset date (EOD) determines when your benefits begin. Many claims take so long to make it through the review process that the claimants are due back pay for benefits. If the onset date established by Social Security is later than the one you submitted on your initial application, it will mean you will receive less benefits than you expected. You should never lie or try to represent your case as anything it is not. But you should also not settle for less than the benefits to which you are entitled. Speak with one of the social security lawyers in your area if you would like to pursue a more favorable onset date.

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