Boot Optimization Tips and Tricks

If startup times have become a little sluggish on your computer as of late, there are a number of easy to implement boot optimization tactics that can help you speed things back up with little or no money or professional help involved. First, check your system for viruses, malware, et cetera. These can slow down your boot times, so first make sure that there is no obvious problem at hand before going on a boot optimization spree. However, if all of your system checks reveal nothing, it is time to go on with the various boot optimization techniques referenced earlier.

For example, one great boot optimization tactic is simply reducing the number of programs designed to come on at startup. For example, if you have an instant messaging system, an email program, a music program, and several other such programs all designed to come on at the same time as your operating system, the extra effort can really slow down your startup times. Reducing the number of programs that come on at startup is a great boot optimization tactic, and you can always turn these programs on individually as you need them later on.

Another great boot optimization tactic involves adding more memory, or RAM, to your computer. More memory can be an amazingly effective method not only for boot optimization, but for system processing times in general, as well. Check your system to see how much RAM you have, whether or not you have room for more, and order some compatible cards for your computer.

Finally, try another boot optimization tactic that shaves a few seconds off your startup times. This simply involves going into your BIOS settings and arranging to have your computer boot directly from the hard drive, rather than scanning the other disk drives first. Once you employ all of these tactics, your startup times should be faster than ever before!

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